miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

"Mean sis" de Blanca Boado

You know how a sister is
how annoying she is
and she is never there for you
when you screw up your shoe

She´s walking down the hall
sayin how stupid you are
you push here down the stairs
thinking "this is not fair"

Now she angry at you
and you don´t know what to do
go out with your friends
and buy some zoom lens

When you get home you see sister
she´s mad at you like a twister
she gives you a cold stare
and you think "beware"

You wonder where she´s been
maybe planning somethin mean
as you sit down on the couch
something pokes you an you scream OUCH!

1 comentario:

Boado dijo...

Me e equivocado en la primera estrofa. ¿Podrias cambiar "now" por "know"?